Based On The Girls Second Season Trailer And His Shirtless GQ Spread, We Finally Get Adam Driver

Adam Driver Poses for GQ

Oooooh! Now we see. Not that we didn’t think GirlsAdam Driver was talented before, but after today, we finally get him. You get what we’re saying? You picking up what we’re putting down? We get him in our pants. Driver’s recent and extremely awesome GQ spread did the heavy lifting, though his cameo in Lincoln didn’t hurt either. That boy looks good in Civil War-era kepi cap! We hope Driver was able to take it home and transfer it to his Girls wardrobe. Adam could wear that hat around Williamsburg and no one would bat an eye.

If that wasn’t enough to win you over to the Driver’s side, Adam is also the star of the excellent new trailer for the second season of Girls, premiering January 13. “You destroyed my heart. Thanks.”? “My affection for you cannot be repressed”? Instead of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, Second Season Adam is looking more like a Manic Shirtless Dream Boy. Well…at least until he breaks into Hannah’s apartment. (There was no way Lena Dunham was going to be predictable and have their relationship just work out.) There’s something about Adam’s sweaty, weird hotness we finally understand. All you diehard Driver fans must be feeling preeeeeeetty smug right about now. We would be, too.

[Photo: GQ]

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