5 Reasons We’re Pretty Sure Carrie Underwood Will Crush It In NBC’s The Sound Of Music

Carrie Underwood Cast In NBC's Sound Of Music

NBC announced today that Carrie Underwood will play Maria in their live televised version of The Sound of Music, and so far the Internet’s response has been….mixed. To put it politely. But while some people might find Carrie too pop/country/tan/not Julie Andrews to step into Julie Andrews’ shoes, we know in our lederhosen -wearing hearts that Carrie can do this justice. Plus, seeing as how Anne Hathaway probably won’t be clearing her schedule and dyeing her hair blond any time soon (You went there too, right?), what other option to you have but to open your minds and hearts to our argument? Think about it…

  1. Carrie’s got dem pipes! Even if you don’t particularly like Underwood’s style of music, there is no arguing she can’t pull off “My Favorite Things.” You do not hit the Billboard Hot 100 if you can’t swing “Do-Re-Mi.” If you even tried to make one, your argument would be invalid.
  2. She can bring the sass: The role of Maria demands a perfect mix of enthusiasm, heart and fortitude. Carrie seems like a perfect blend of all three. Plus you know deep down Maria could take a Louisville Slugger to both your headlights. Like, say, if you were a Nazi chasing the Von Trapp family through the mountains.
  3. The production will be live: This is an important point in Carrie’s favor. There are plenty of actress would be amazing as Maria onscreen (Ginnifer Goodwin comes to mind, for example), but most of them probably can’t perform live like Carrie can. Girl has been putting on large stage shows for nearly a decade.
  4. She has a great face for a pixie cut: The secret is a strong jaw. Count it!
  5. She’s already destroyed the title song: Here’s Carrie singing “The Sound of Music” on Movie Rocks 2007 on CBS. Don’t tell us this doesn’t give you a little thrill.

Even if we’re wrong, we’d love to give Carrie the chance to blow our minds. The bigger question in our minds is…who will they cast as Captain Von Trapp? Are we crazy to think Grant Bowler (aka Dick from Liz & Dick) might be a good pick? We have no idea if he can sing, but he’s older, distinguished and has that great accent. No one will ever replace Christopher Plummer though. Classic. Yum.

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