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iSniper 3D

Triniti Interactive Limited

Genre: Games

Release Date: November 2, 2009

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get behind the scope and start RACKING up HEADSHOTS in this visually stunning 3D take on MODERN WARFARE…


"isniper 3d offers a sense of depth and scale so far missing from the sniping specialists already in the app store."

"isniper 3d is better than konami's silent scope."

"in terms of visuals, isniper 3d hits the mark."


you are an elite sniper for GATO (global anti-terrorist organization), and an unsung hero in the war against new terrorism. three months ago, you stopped a biological missile attack with a last minute bullet.

now, a new threat is emerging. HEAVEN, the world's largest and most well connected global terrorism group is preparing for action. retirement is no longer an option. a mysterious phone call convinces you to get back on the job, and join GATO's new special forces unit, GST.

but this is just the beginning…

sometimes, war gets personal.


-intuitive and exhilarating gameplay
-incredibly detailed full 3D battle fields
-gripping cinematic story line
-super easy tap and tilt controls
-classic hold-your-breath mode
-world's greatest sniper rifles
-upgradeable weapons
-multiple modes: story, arcade and challenge mode
-multiple difficulties: easy, normal, and hard


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