If Accused, Just Ask ‘What Is Drugs?’

“What is drugs?” may just become a new meme after this LA high-speed chase.

Vardan Aslanyan, a 29-year-old, garnered attention last week after leading the police on a chase spanning the 5, 118, 170, and 101 freeways that finally culminated in Hollywood, reports North Hollywood Patch and LAist. But the madness doesn’t end there – – Aslanyan had some choice words for the media and the police, claiming initially that “God took over.”

A recently released video, however, shows Alsanyan pronouncing that his “swag” is to blame for the incident, which left five people injured. Even more shockingly, after being asked if he was under the influence of any drugs, he queried, “What is drugs?”

While he provides a good laugh, it’s pretty horrible that people were injured because of this fool. Watch the streets, Angelenos. You never know “who got swag.”


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