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[MobilePRwire] – Upon suspecting her husband of cheating, Lizbeth Hall tried to find resources available on the internet to assist her in catching a cheating spouse. When none were available, she took it upon herself to create an “all-in-one” SpyGuide to help others in the same situation. Voted as the #2 Creepiest app by, the SpyGuide is now available for all Android devices, inc. Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Kindle and Kindle Fire Devices. Also available at Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes & Noble is pleased to announce the release and immediate availability of ‘How to Catch a Cheating Spouse, a SpyGuide’ for Android devices. You know what they say about a woman scorned. But it’s not always true. Many women will turn their despair and anger over being cheated on, or fearing they are being cheated on, into something better. Something that can help others.

Like LizBeth Hall. When she suspected an ex-spouse was cheating on her she wished there was one all-inclusive resource that could help her confirm her suspicions. When she couldn’t find a good resource, she created one. Her new Android App, “How to Catch a Cheating Spouse, A Step-by-Step Spy Guide” is designed to help the suspicious spouse do some serious undercover detective work.

This insanely popular app has been in the Top 100 apps consistently for the last year at iTunes, and voted as the #2 Creepiest App available by, Lizbeth is now proudly offering this application to Android/Google Play customers under the Lifestyle Category.

“If you’ve never been on the wrong side of an affair before, you’ll never understand the feeling of despair and frustration you experience. When I finally decided to take action and try to confirm my suspicions about my spouse’s affair, I became even more aggravated, because there were no real resources to help me. Online I was sent on a wild goose chase, spending money on every software program and cheating manual I came across. And not one of them actually told me what to do, they just gave me a bunch of worthless statistics and useless information, ” author LizBeth explains.

Hall says she suspected cheating in a couple of her previous relationships, but was never able to validate her suspicions. When she thought her new fiancee was having an affair, she decided she wasn’t going to let him get away with it. Online she couldn’t find a solid, complete resource for catching someone committing adultery. So she decided to create one on her own.

“I took all of the information I had learned, and combined it with my notes, data and experience to create a resource that tells people exactly what they need to do, and more importantly, how to catch their cheating partner. Converting the document from an ebook to an app just made sense, as it makes it much easier for covert surveillance.”

Reviews from users have been overwhelmingly positive and Hall has received hundreds of emails from thankful spouses, and even some with a few tips of their own. LizBeth tells readers on her website, that although they may not like the information they’re sure to find, they will at least be grateful to learn the truth. She says, “This is not some “happy-go-lucky, aww it’s gonna be okay” kinda book. I tell it like it is, and I tell my readers straight up that you’re probably going to be mad, and you’re probably not going to like what you find, but you’ll be able to sleep at night because you will finally know the truth.”

Hall continues, “This ebook, app and whole SpyGuide process is more about the Victims of infidelity learning the truth and protecting themselves. It’s really not about snooping into someone else’s life like you may think it is. Having an affair with someone causes problems on so many levels. Sexual diseases are rampant in our society today, and it’s not fair for a spouse’s one night stand to turn into someone’s lifelong nightmare. I encourage people who believe their partners to be unfaithful to follow their instincts and learn the truth, it may mean the difference between life and death…truly.”

The app is an absolute treasure trove of ideas, tips and resources for someone to get the info, the dirt, the 411. From telling you how to listen to cell phone voice messages to tracking internet activity to learning how to turn an old cell phone in to a GPS tracking device, the information is varied and comprehensive. Easy to follow step-by-step guides and checklists make the process almost fool proof.

In all, it’s a fulsome guide to discovering if your lover or spouse is cheating on you, or even if he or she is planning to. Some of the tips in the guide will simply turn up info that might help you discover your significant other’s ongoing relationship with someone else, whether sexual or not. was founded in 2010 by stay at home mom, Lizbeth Hall. After suspecting her partner of straying and finding little help online, she took it upon herself to create an “all-in-one” resource to help others in the same situation. The SpyGuide has now grown into a popular resource available for all platforms, including iOS, Android, and ebooks at and Amazon. Copyright (C) 2010 BustedBooks. All Rights Reserved.

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