Christopher Rosen: ‘Smash’ Recap: 42 Eyerolls From Episode 14, ‘Previews’

smash recap

Previously on “Smash”: “Will you marry me?” “Pilot?” “Bloody hell!” “Ellis, can you handle this please?” “My name’s Dev.” “Ivy.”

Presented without commentary, the most absurd, comical, self-serious and/or humorless moments from episode 14, “Previews,” in chronological order.

1. Dev waking up next to Ivy.
2. “Derek is doing it with the movie star?”
3. “Can you call Ivy?”
4. “I’m not going to tell anybody.”
5. Rebecca Duvall, “Bombshell” on the marquee.
6. “We’ll go in with you, if you want.”
7. Julia’s “Oh, no” face when she sees Michael.
8. “Am I the only one who enjoyed that?”
9. Ellis eyeing up Tom and Julia.
10. “Are you sleeping with Derek?”
11. “I had a bit of an altercation.”
12. “So far, so good.”
13. “It just started.”
14. The song lyric: “I want to be a smash.”
15. Frank’s concentration face during “Bombshell.”
16. “I trust you.”
17. “This is my boyfriend Dev. You guys have never met.”
18. Julia’s “She died” face.
19. “The real problem is Rebecca.”
20. “I’m producing. Somebody has to.”
21. “That used to be me. Insane with worry.” “What happened?” “You.”
22. “When you left, it scared me.”
23. “Will you marry me?” “Yes.”
24. “Rebecca needs my attention, and I’m giving it to her.”
25. “You and I are professionals.”
26. Rebecca’s “I’ve been poisoned” sounds.
27. “She had a severe allergic reaction to some peanuts.”
28. “Don’t leave town. No tweeting.”
29. “I’m going to church tomorrow to say a prayer.”
30. “I think I may have left something in your room. A ring.”
31. “I came here for you.”
32. Julia’s silent point.
33. “I could kill you.”
34. “You did that.”
35. “The stupid song. Will be FINISHED!”
36. “I have more important things to think about. Us.”
37. The sleeping bag Julia wears as a coat to church.
38. Karen’s church “Yes!”
39. “I do, actually.”
40. “It was in the smoothie. I could taste it.”
41. “I’m not going back into the show.”
42. “Might as well be you.”

“Smash” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. on NBC

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