Pawnee Debate Goes Long: Watch An Extended ‘Parks and Rec’

This week’s episode of “Parks and Recreation” is one of the most enjoyable of the NBC comedy’s fourth season, and it’s about to expand.

The Huffington Post can exclusively reveal that “Parks and Rec’s” creative team has cooked up a longer cut of “The Debate” that will go live some time after 10 p.m. E.T. on the show’s home page. It contains six minutes of additional content, so if the debate among Leslie Knope, Bobby Newport and some of Pawnee’s more eccentric citizens floats your boat, why not give the director’s cut another go-round? We’ll also be sure to embed it here as soon as we can.

Thursday’s episode was written and directed by star Amy Poehler, who, along with executive producer Michael Schur, talked about the show’s politics in this recent story.

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