Metronome App Comes To Android, Boasts iOS Compatibility

[MobilePRwire] – Frozen Ape’s Tempo, the bestselling iOS metronome app has arrived on Android. Tempo has sold over a quarter million copies and has been featured by Apple on the iTunes App Store. Tempo for Android is compatible with the iOS version of the app, sharing a common file format for setlists data. Tempo for Android is now available on both Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.

Frozen Ape is proud to announce the release of its top iOS metronome app on Android. With over a quarter million copies sold, Tempo is the bestselling app of its kind for the iPhone and iPad. Tempo has been featured by Apple on separate occasions as New and Noteworthy and as a Staff Favorite on the main landing page of the iTunes App Store.

Since it’s release on iOS, users have been asking for an Android port, finding existing offerings from other developers lacking. In addition to developing the most stable and precise metronome engine possible on Android, Frozen Ape has spared no effort in creating a sleek and appealing user interface. “It is very tedious to implement an attractive user interface that displays well on the entire range of screen configurations found on Android devices,” says Zen Ho, Frozen Ape’s founder and design lead. “We hope to bring an experience better than what people are used to on Android.”

In Tempo, beats in a measure are represented by pulsating lights. This gives musicians a much better feel of their progression through a piece of music than a pendulum can. Any beat can have accents placed on it, or be silenced. Combining this functionality with up to 6 rhythm patterns for a time signature, complex patterns can be achieved within Tempo.

Tempo for Android shares a common file format with the iOS version of the app. These files store user-created presets organized into setlists. This makes it possible for musicians to share setlists even if they don’t share the same taste in mobile platforms.

Key App Features
* 30 time signatures and up to 6 rhythm patterns
* Visual feedback via pulsating lights
* Store presets in multiple setlists
* Customize accents or turn beats off to create more complex rhythms
* Tap tempo function
* 12 sound sets
* Multi-tasking support; playback continues outside of app

Device requirements
* Compatible with all Android devices
* Requires Android OS 2.2 or later
* 2.1 MB

Pricing and availability
Tempo is available now for for $0.99 USD (or equivalent) on Google Play and the Amazon AppStore. The Amazon AppStore release sports an exclusive color scheme featuring orange highlights that matches the Kindle Fire OS user interface. Parties who would like to review Tempo may contact Frozen Ape for promotional codes.

Frozen Ape was founded by independent developer Zen Ho in 2009. Based in Singapore and specializing in music applications, Frozen Ape is committed to creating user-friendly and functional solutions for mobile platforms. Copyright (C) 2009-2012 Frozen Ape. All Rights Reserved.

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