1998: ‘Mommy, Didn’t Jerry Know It Was Wrong?’

NBC News reported today that a State College-based Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology who interviewed an alleged victim of child sexual abuse by Jerry Sandusky in 1998 warned Penn State police at the time that Sandusky was a “likely pedophile.”

Jerry Sandusky Case: Alycia Chambers letter to Penn State Detective Ronald Schreffler

(See Ph.D.’s Full Report on Sandusky as “Likely Pedophile” Below)

Dr. Alycia Chambers reported the following of Sandusky to Penn State police during its investigation of the then-current Nittany Lions football coach after Sandusky was accused of inappropriate behavior with two young boys in the Penn State locker room shower in 1998:

“My consultants agree that the incidents meet all of our definitions, based on experience and education, of a likely pedophile’s pattern of building trust and gradual introduction of physical touch, within a context of a ‘loving,’ ‘special’ relationship.

“One colleague, who has contact with the Second Mile, confirms that Mr. Sandusky is reasonably intelligent and thus, could hardly have failed to understand the way his behavior would be interpreted, if known. His position at the Second Mile and his interest in abused boys would suggest that he was likely to have had knowledge with regard to child abuse and might even recognize this behavior as a typical pedophile ‘overture.’”

NBC News also reported today that the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology ..

.. gave her report to Penn State police Officer Ronald Schreffler on May 7, 1998, along with a cover letter that highlighted “the gravity of the incidents.” Chambers had also reported the incident to the Pennsylvania “suspected child abuse” hotline, where officials wrote up their own report identifying Sandusky as the “AP” or “Alleged Perpetrator.” Jerry Lauro, an investigator who specialized in abuse cases, was assigned to work the case with Schreffler.

Penn State detective Schreffler was interviewed by PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE reporter Paula Reed Ward about the case in December 2011. In Ward’s story Shreffler claimed that the “the state (Department of Public Welfare)” was the reason he closed the Penn State Police case on Sandusky in 1998:

.. Mr. Schreffler speculates that the district attorney (Ray Gricar) declined to press charges because the state Department of Public Welfare didn’t indicate a charge of abuse, which would have made the prosecution’s case even more difficult.

It’d be a little hard for them to prosecute, when you have the state saying there wasn’t any abuse.”

But the Pennsylvania child welfare investigator assigned to the Sandusky case at the time, Jerry Lauro, told NBC News this week that Schreffler nor anyone at Penn State ever made him aware of the damning report by Dr. Chambers that profiled Sandusky as a “likely pedophile.

Penn State Detective Schreffler Closed Sandusky Case in 1998

(PSU Cop didn’t give “the state” PhD’s report on Sandusky) 

When told of the contents of Dr. Chambers’ report on Sandusky in 1998 Lauro told NBC News:

“Wow! This is the first I’ve heard of this. I had no idea . If I would have seen the report, I would certainly have done some things differently. Boy, this is a shock.”

In an interview with NBC News the mother of the alleged Sandusky victim in 1998, identified as “Victim 6″ in the Nov. 4, 2011, grand jury presentment that initially charged Sandusky with 40 counts of child sexual abuse against eight alleged victims, detailed her son’s reaction to Sandusky’s behavior:

I don’t understand, Mommy. I’m just a little kid. I knew what he did was wrong. Why didn’t he (know it was wrong)?

From what we now know, Sandusky appears to have been far from alone in that regard.

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