The Addicting App Starcraze Is a Must Have

[MobilePRwire] – Starcraze has been in the App Store since July 2011, and has received great reviews. Starcraze is an exciting app that is sure to have you coming back for more. The object? Simple. Hit as many gold stars as possible and earn points.

Starcraze is a simple but fun app. The object is to catch as many rainbow and gold stars as possible, and earn points. The point structure is as follows: earn 5 points for every gold star and 25 points for every rainbow star, making the rainbow stars a must hit. There are also blue stars shooting out from all angles and directions which must not be hit. Hitting a blue star will deduct five (5) points; hitting three (3) will end the game. Comets will also be shooting out across the screen. They too must be avoided; hitting one will end the game instantly. 

This game can be enjoyed by anyone of any age; we like to say it’s a simply addicting game.

During its time in the App Store, Starcraze has earned positive reviews like  “A must get”,  “A great App” and  “Addicting”.

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