Gravity Maze, Control the Gravity of the World. iOS, Android and HTLM5

[MobilePRwire] – A group of Fluffs run out of fuel in their space ship and crash onto the planet they were monitoring. Its Earth! and evil scientists have captured these adorable creaturesand thrown them into a maze! Control gravity of the maze to escape from it, rotate your device to change the gravitational pull and make the fluffs roll.

Direct as many of them as you can to the exitin the fastest time and to the right exits for high scores. Watch out for some deadly traps too!

Nice and clean graphics, atmospheric music and intuitive control system make this game enjoyable and accessible for everyone. Gravity Maze has 45 unique levels divided into 3 worlds which indicate progression in the game by adding more types of fluffs and more interesting and challenging mazes.

– 45 unique levels (more still to come)
– Beautiful HD graphics (iPhone4 and iPad)
– Great physics
– LITE version (try before you buy)
– 5 languages (English, Polish, Italian, Spanish and German)

Price: $0.99
Lite version: Yes

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