Call Actions For Android Makes You More Productive!

[MobilePRwire] – movin’App announced today that innovative Android application Call Actions has been released for free through the Android Market to give users full control of their calls and help them be more organized.

The purpose of Call Actions is to allow users be more productive by making it faster and easier to perform common tasks with contacts: send an SMS, call back, add a new number to the contacts list or create a reminder are done with just 1 click. Designed from the ground up for Android devices, Call Actions is compatible with all Android devices with version 2.2 or more and has been optimized for the new Android 4.0.

“We wanted to help Android users be more productive and organized with their contacts”, said Rabi Boundi, CEO of movin’App. “Call Actions is unique and the first of its kind. We noticed a lack of Android applications that integrate with both contacts and calls to perform the most common actions”.

With a friendly and highly customizable interface inspired by WP7 Metro UI, Call Actions integrates seamlessly with the built-in Android Contacts application. Users can immediately start using it with their contacts to perform also advanced actions like sharing the contact’s VCard, making a Google search about an unknown phone number or writing a reminder with an alarm. In addition, the application can also notify the user about the missed calls ring time.

Call Actions was designed with the integration in mind. Users can effortlessly export the last call details to compatible third-party Android applications like Evernote, Dropbox, Facebook or Whatsapp. Android 4.0 users can also enjoy the exclusive Google Calendar integration.

Call Actions is available as an ad-supported free application in the Android Market and AndroidPit. Users desiring to support the application development can easily upgrade to the ad-free version through an in-app purchase for just 1.99$.

movin’App, established in 2010, is a mobile and iTV applications development company. In 2011, over a million users downloaded its applications from the Android Market. Based in Madrid, Spain, the company is also present in Athens, Greece. The goal of movin’App is to make people’s life better and easier with simple and useful applications.

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