Intent To Injure Gets Green Light From SEC’s Slive

Today Southeastern Conference Commissioner Mike Slive suspended Vanderbilt center Logan Stewart and Georgia defensive tackle Kwame Geathers for the first halves of their next games.

Logan Stewart Clips Kwame Geathers From Behind


The punitive action was a response to an altercation between the two during Georgia’s 33-28 win over Vanderbilt in Nashville on Saturday. From that incident, SEC Commissioner Slive decided that Stewart will miss the first two quarters of Vandy’s game against Army this Saturday and Geathers will do the same in Georgia’s game against Florida in Jacksonville.

While there’s no excusing Geathers for briefly retaliating after Stewart applied a vicious, blindside clip that clearly targeted the knees of the UGA DT, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who would’ve reacted any differently than Geathers did.

Stewart’s move to collapse the knees of the towering Georgia defensive lineman with a chop block – following a 10-yard sprint behind the play – certainly indicated an intent to injure on the part of the Vanderbilt offensive lineman. And there’s not a college football player alive who wouldn’t have had the same, reflexive retaliatory reaction as Geathers if they were targeted for such a dangerous, dirty play.

(Watch Stewart give a “thumbs-up” after clipping Geathers)

Stewart knew full well that perpetrating such an act could easily end the football career of Geathers, but he did it anyway. In a blatant, premeditated way.

What kind of message does it send when Slive sentences Geathers to the same amount of sideline time as Stewart?

That if a victim responds to being wronged, no matter how serious the crime, he gets the same sentence as the instigator who tried to injure him.

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