Robert Pattinson Talks ‘Hardcore’ Birth Scene

“The Miracle of Life,” that now-retro video show to confused and sometimes shocked middle school students in sex ed classes across the country, has largely been the only reference point for the machinations child birth for tween audiences, montages on MTV’s “Teen Mom” not withstanding.

That’s about to change — and if they thought their 80s-made educational film was unsettling, tweens better brace themselves for some vampire birth.

The birthing scene in “Breaking Dawn,” the final book in Stephenie Meyer’s “Twilight Saga,” features Bella finally producing her Edward Cullen-fathered vampire baby, Renesmee. It’s a graphic scene in the book, but words and images are far different beasts, which makes one wonder just how faithful the Bill Condon-directed film will be to the book in that regard.

According to Robert Pattinson, it’ll be just as potent.

“I think the birth scene… For a fantasy scenes that has kind of a youngish audience, it goes very far,” he told the audience of what he called a “hardcore” sequence at Comic Con on Thursday (via “There was no other way to do it.”

That should please Meyer, who repeatedly emphasized her desire for the movie to match the book’s intensity.

“I’d love to have the birth scene be every bit as awful — I know it freaked people out, but for those of us who have been through childbirth a couple times, it is a scary, terrifying experience,” she told MTV News last year. “This is just taking that to an exponential power, and I love going there.”

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