Knight On Fellow ESPNer: ‘chickensh– c—sucker’

Like you, I spent the holiday weekend reading the new book about ESPN called, “Those Guys Have All The Fun.”

On page 453, co-author Jim Miller has Bob Knight bless us with a reset of his infamous 2000 interview with now-current ESPN colleague Jeremy Schaap that followed the coach’s Indiana ouster:

“They gave me three people to choose from who would do that interview, and I picked Schaap because of his dad. I didn’t even know the kid. I had Digger tell Schaap that there was a question that I’d like for him to ask, and he refused to ask it. He told Digger, ‘I can’t do that. I can’t ask something that he wants asked.’

“I didn’t enjoy the interview at all. I thought the guy was a chickensh– little c—sucker.

“Forget that guy. I have no interest in talking about that.

“Jesus Christ, enough of this bullsh–.”

Ironic ESPN management, which catered to Knight in 2000 by allowing him to hand-pick his interviewer, scripted questions for ESPN radio hosts a month ago to ask ESPN book author Miller – who elicited Knight’s latest, profane outburst?

Okay, maybe not.

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