WATCH: Trey Parker Just Glad He Didn’t Lose To Bono

“South Park” creators and recent Tony winners Trey Parker and Matt Stone stopped by “The Daily Show” on Wednesday to talk to their Comedy Central comrade Jon Stewart about their newfound status as the toast of Broadway. Parker and Stone last dropped by Stewart’s studio before the show opened, but after sweeping the Tonys with nine wins for “The Book of Mormon,” which they co-wrote and scored, they have a new outlook.

“People warned us before we did the show that on Broadway, you have to come in humble, don’t come in guns ablazing,” said Stone when asked how the irreverent duo were treated by the Broadway establishment.

Parker also noted that “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” with music and lyrics by Bono and The Edge, could have resulted in another award loss to an ’80s icon.

“For the ‘South Park’ movie, I lost the Oscar to Phil Collins,” Parker said, referring to “Blame Canada” losing to “You’ll Be in My Heart” in 2000. “If I lose the Oscar the Phil Collins and I lost a Tony to Bono, I’d be so bummed out.”

Stewart then moved onto the season finale of “South Park,” which many noted was an unexpectedly moving episode in which the kids (and adults) in the show address the plague of cynicism. Parker and Stone admitted that they were surprised by the attention the episode received, and despite rumors that the episode would be the end of “South Park,” they confirmed that the show is definitely returning in the fall.

But the pair were mostly glad that they now can say “shit” on “South Park,” which Stewart cannot utter without getting bleeped by the network. “We used to have a rule on this show … that you can say ‘dildo’ three times, but not four,” Stewart remarked.


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