Spencer Green: GM Develops Car Powered by Casey Anthony Trial

Researchers at General Motors have revealed plans to build an automobile powered by energy from the ongoing trial of Casey Anthony. “This is a revolutionary step in the development of alternative fuel sources,” says GM Research and Development executive Richard LaFortolle. “And it combines two of the things Americans love most: cars and trials involving murdered young girls.”

The vehicle will feature rechargeable batteries that can be easily plugged into any media outlet in which the trial is being broadcast, streamed, viewed, discussed or analyzed. “Our new technology will allow the car’s miles-per-gallon equivalent to be directly increased by any courtroom bombshell revelations like incest, secret diaries or shocking photos,” says GM spokesperson Alan Hamskille. An elated Al Gore commented, “If this doesn’t get people interested in green energy, nothing will.”

GM scientists and researchers are also inevitably preparing for the day when the Casey Anthony trial actually ends. “We are all hard at work adapting the existing technology to convert the energy of future court trials involving murdered young girls, or even the simple coverage of missing girls,” says LaFortolle. “But frankly, we’re not worried. The supply is inexhaustible.”

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