Nick Kreiss: On New York

In case you live under 3G-less rock, this weekend, New York “legalized” gay marriage.

Top of the head thoughts be gone — Gay marriage isn’t a dangerous narcotic or an ex-con. The fact that bureaucrats have to give homosexual people the ability, or worse the permission, to get married is ludicrous, offensive, and will long be a hideous blemish on our society. Future generations will surely be humiliated by the fact that their ancestors were so primitive and small minded, similar to the way my generation is ashamed that slavery managed to exist for so long and so recently (Note: there are horrific acts of slavery still being practiced all over the world, I’m only talking about the scar on our face that was the Jim Crow South).

But, nonetheless, today we celebrate equality. Thank you New York. And I thought Bloomberg putting Wifi in the parks was cool…

I, myself, happen to not be gay. Sorry Andy Dick. I have plenty of gay people in my life (at least the standard Hollywood quota) and today I feel slightly less embarrassed for the rest of us. I am a tad bit less ashamed, which is a nice feeling after living for so long in the social hangover caused by California’s disgusting decision months ago.

It’s a start. Now everyone else, please follow New York’s lead. I’m not getting married until all homosexual people can get married. What makes me more special than them? And is it really a silly Bible thing? Because the Bible’s been re-written more times than the Spider Man musical.

I hope this watershed moment isn’t lost on us, and I’m counting on more states to follow suit. But perhaps more importantly, I wish this didn’t have to be a watershed moment. I wish, instead, this was a no-brainer.

I love you, New York — see you soon.

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