Nathan Handler: Google Summer of Code Update #4

Since Matt is going to be busy the next few weeks moving and traveling, he arranged for Stefano Zacchiroli to fill in for him temporarily as my mentor. I must say, I am quite lucky to have the chance to have both Matt and Stefano as mentors this summer. Yesterday, I had my first call with Stefano. I started by filling him in on the current status of the project. We discussed how the dashboard is going to be based on ‘tasks’ rather than ‘bug’. He reminded me that we want to make sure all useful information makes its way back to the BTS (ideally in an automated or) in a fast and easy way. Most of the information that will be stored in the dashboard probably won’t be that useful to the package maintainers. However, there will be a column for DEX members to add notes about tasks. This column could potentially contain some useful information. That is one reason that the dashboard will parse this column for bug numbers and then display extended information about the bug. Hopefully, this will encourage DEX members to send information to the BTS when relevant. Having the bug numbers will also allow us to automate sending information from the DEX dashboard to the BTS if we choose to.

I also spent some time this week working on a script to generate some graphs. These graphs will allow us to track the number of remaining tasks in a project vs. time. Stefano mentioned possibly borrowing some code from the Ubuntu burndown charts, but right now, I think the Ubuntu charts might be a bit more complicated than what we need. We can always decide to borrow some features/code down the road if necessary.

It is also just about time for me to prepare my second formal report for the Summer of Code. I will use that to showcase the current status of the code and make it available for people to test and review.

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