Mark Malkoff: Six-Pack Abs Challenge

I always empathize with women bombarded with images of nearly unattainable bodies of models and celebrities. But you rarely hear about the flip side with men.

Six-pack abs seem borderline ridiculous. Every month I see men’s fitness magazines with headlines, “Get Six-Pack Abs in 30 Days”. I decided to see what it would take for a guy like me who doesn’t work out to get six-pack abs within a month for my latest video for My Damn Channel.

I teamed up with personal trainer, Robert Brace, who put me through grueling daily workouts with a killer diet. How bad was the diet? I had to eat 330 hard boiled egg whites in a month!

On the plus side I had never had so much energy in my life. I worked out 2-3 times a day doing intense weightlifting, cardio and abdominal exercises. By the end I had lost 16.8 pounds and was able to get six-pack abs in an astounding 28 days.



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