Greg Grossmeier: Michigan LoCo sponsorship of MUG

Tuesday night the Ubuntu Michigan LoCo took over one of the best user groups in the country, MUG (Michigan!/usr/group). But we did it with permission! Actually, we had to pay to do it 🙂

MUG, because it is one of the best groups around, brings in great speakers and hosts the meetings at quality venues. This means that it takes money to keep MUG going. You can become a member of MUG for $35 a year (which is a steal for the content they provide) but since MUG is an open event (anyone can come, paid members just feel better about it) and the fact that they recently moved to a better, but more expensive location, that isn’t covering all of their costs.

In response, MUG started a sponsorship program targeted at companies. A company can choose to sponsor a meeting for $150 where their sponsorship will be recognized and all of their employees will be full members for the year. The Michigan LoCo put out a call to raise funds to sponsor a meeting and we blasted past the $150 amount and ended up donating $185 to MUG.

What did we do with our meeting? We took over MUG for the night! We had SIX! (6!) awesome talks by these amazing members of the LoCo team.

Thanks to everyone who participated and especially to everyone who donated to such a worthy cause!

And don’t worry, there will be videographic evidence of the event posted later. We did take up about 1.5 hours for all of our talking, so it’ll be a bit before it is processed and posted online.

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