Egypt army rules out using force

Egypt’s army vows it will not use force against demonstrators, as the government says it is preparing to open talks with the opposition.

The Administration Starts Its Startup Policy

The Obama administration announced its policy to stimulate the creation and survival of startup companies, which account for most new jobs.

Transformers Autobot infograph insane in its detail

A super hardcore Transformers nerd — say, that fire fighter in the National Guard who legally changed his name to “Optimus Prime,” or even the dude who just went with the middle name, “Megatron” — will surely appreciate the detail to which this infograph displays all 54 Autobots that transformed into a car between 1984 and 1987.

National Grid to shed 7% of US workforce

UK energy business begins a radical restructuring of its US business, aiming to lay off a quarter of senior executives, to save £125m

Mexico offers $658,000 reward in massacre case

Mexican prosecutors are offering 8 million pesos ($658,000) for information leading to the capture of two suspects in the massacre of 72 illegal Central and South American migrants.

Gestational diabetes also poses later risk

A type of diabetes that strikes during pregnancy may disappear at birth, but it remains a big red flag for moms’ future health — one that too many seem to be missing.