Trickiest Sidewalk In England: No One Can Cross Without Falling (VIDEO)

Let’s be honest: we all love watching people eat it when it’s snowy outside.

That first moment you see someone’s body twitch off balance. The one foot slides smoothly forward as it loses traction. The arms swing wildly to compensate. The moment you realize the person has lost the battle and is destined to hit the ground. Thoughts race through your head: will it be face-first? Butt-first? Will he tuck and roll? Can he possibly get his hands out of his pockets in time? The final, satisfying “Ohhhhhhhh” that swells to a chorus with your friends as you watch him crash to the ground.

It’s an experience that will enliven your night when you see it. Now imagine being able to see it over and over, live, with different characters each time, relishing the slightly different but always enjoyable experience as it occurs again and again. And it’s not you!

One man in England lived such a dream (and overlaid the video with a lovely Christmas carol).

WATCH: (via BuzzFeed)

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