David Kronke: Latest Leaked State Department Documents Suggest WikiLeaks Running Out of Decent Material

WikiLeaks’ latest document dump of confidential State Department memos contain a stunningly disappointing assortment of breathtakingly trivial missives, leading some observers to speculate that the whistle-blowing website is running on fumes when it comes to revelations of U.S. government secrets.

The most recent batch of a cache of a quarter-million documents includes a series of online Spider Solitaire scores from a clerk at the Reykjavik embassy, restaurant tipping guides to diplomats serving Eastern Bloc countries and a late-2009 Email from Hillary Clinton expressing disappointment over the Christmas gift she received from her White House Secret Santa, believed to be Joe Biden.

Older memos include a memorandum from former President George W. Bush beseeching State Department attorneys to write a legal brief defining torture as “not torture,” as well as a list from former Vice President Dick Cheney’s office of people whose heads he’d like to crush with a hammer — mainly, phone directories of major global cities with a handful of names crossed out.

“Just because the disclosures in these leaked memos are banal and unsurprising does not mean that their confidentiality should not be respected,” declared P.J. Crowley, Assistant Secretary to the State Department’s Bureau of Public Affairs, who, in one of the recently posted documents, exchanged IM’s with a Dubai-based oil executive rating all “Battlestar Galactica” episodes on a scale of one to 10. “WikiLeaks’ jaw-dropping impertinence and irresponsibility could risk the lives of operatives across the globe, and result in stern warnings from our superiors on what constitutes acceptable behavior during our workdays.”

“Well, you can’t knock it out of the park every time,” shrugged controversial WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, from his undisclosed location, Room 217 of the Ibis Centre Gare Hotel in Charleroi, Belgium.

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