Wale Talks About Following DJ AM, Travis Barker As VMA House Band

Wale, who will perform with his group UCB as the house band at the MTV Video Music Awards next month, talked about DJ AM’s legacy and the challenge of following AM and Travis Barker’s performance as the VMA house band in 2008.

Nomura lands six-year London rent break

Nomura, the Japanese investment bank, will not pay any rent for almost six years on its new building in the City of London under the terms of a deal that will see up to 4,000 banking staff move into Watermark Place next year

Brown pledges bonus clampdown

The British prime minister has pledged tough action to clamp down on excessive remuneration for bankers as part of an international effort to rectify the systemic weakness whichthat led to the global financial crisis

Who still uses internet cafes?

It’s 15 years since the first internet cafe opened in the UK. Yet, while home and work access have proliferated, the internet cafe shows no sign of disappearing. Why are there still so many of them?

Jay-Z Hopes Bands Like Grizzly Bear Will ‘Push Hip-Hop’

Jay-Z explains that he was at Sunday’s Grizzly Bear show in Brooklyn because he’s a fan, and he hopes indie rock will inspire hip-hop to evolve the way rap once did for rock.