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@aynrandadvocate i may be in error, but think objectivists should engage lmtd gov christians in honest discourse
@AntoniaZ Let’s just say that most Christians wld be highly offended by most unbiased historical views, & the archeology& texts thr based on
Oh, apparently it’s "Good Friday" so enjoy it Christian friends! For me it seems like some sort of chicken/rabbit fucking day? W/torture? 😉
Social networking site for Christian women – #woc #women #christianity #christian #twurch #jesus
@ChristianWatson Hey Christian Congrats on your new position … Wonderful! Jeris Christian County Cracks 30-Year-Old Murder
I would rather be saying ‘Hello, this is Trixie, John Mayer/Shia LaBeouf/Christian Bale/Pattzie’s assistant, how may I help you?’
Happy Ostara, pagans! And to the newcomers of the recent millennium, Christians!
Casting Crowns to Return to North Korea for u2018Friendshipu2019 Festival: Contemporary Christian band Casti..
Fla. Church Draws Fire with u2018No More Christiansu2019 Series: "No More Christians," says one Florida chur..
Casting Crowns to Return to North Korea for Friendship Festival – – The Christian Post
Some groups chanted hymns in Latin, while local Christians sang in Arabic.
@MomDot US TOO! (egg-money hunts) lol. Commercial Christians. 🙂
@JerusalemBureau you never know if G-d is Jewish or Christian so you better cover your bases.
hmmmm Christians behaving badly… again….
I love when the christians give me pamplets at work!
@thejeffbrown Christian people that go to other Churches…should not be our target. Just my opinion.
RT @cnj: Police seize #Clovis Christian superintendent’s computer
CHRISTIAN FICTION SHORT STORIES: Part 7: Dr. Everett’s Plea for … You must be authenticated to access shorten
Holiday at home. Today is an important day for us Christian: Passion and death of jesus Christ .
@UNGRU he’s a junior this year, but hubs would love to share ur info w him. Student is smart christian conservative. I’ll dm u.
is watching A Lion Called Christian while writing a motion for a TRO.
Christians gather for Good Friday in Jerusalem : Thousands of Christian clergymen worshippers and pilgrims thron..
Christians gather for Good Friday in Jerusalem : Thousands of Christian clergymen worshippers and pilgrims thron..
loving seeing spending good friday with my dear friends who were the 1st christians I met and were/are a great witness of our Lord.
I hate that I let myself be goaded into a religous discussion at work where I mentioned I was pagan to a group of annoying christians
i am working on my website …Unbiased news for Christians
The office is almost completely empty. I didn’t know we had so many devout christians. wink wink —> Obviously, I’m a big believer in typin
Yeah it was a good Friday – why do christians only have one good Friday a year? I always try and have good Fridays

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