Aso lays bare G20 split on downturn

Taro Aso has dismissed Angela Merkel’s warnings about the risks of excessive public spending in the global downturn, saying Germany has failed to understand why strong fiscal action is vital for recovery

GM, Chrysler rolling to bankruptcy?

Executives at General Motors and Chrysler are speeding to put in place workable plans to restore their dwindling operations. It’s a race they might not win.

There’s “something in MobileMe for everyone”

For Jim Dalrymple ( and his wife and kids, MobileMe is a family affair. The kids use their email-only accounts “to buy a ton of music and videos.” Dalrymple uses “the syncing service a lot. And his wife “uploads and shares pictures constantly.” With his family using the service in completely different ways, for Dalrymple “MobileMe has definitely become an integral part of my computing experience.”

Eurozone inflation plunges to record low

Inflation in the 16-country eurozone fell from 1.2% in February to 0.6% in March, well below forecasts and prompting fears that deflation might take hold across the trading bloc