Jani Monoses: Democracy is buggy too, you know

Stephen, while Connecticut failed at the specific aspect of democracy you mention, it sure beat California at common sense, decency and tolerance. You have just cheered for an unfortunate manifestation of a weakness of democracy, namely the tyranny of the majority.

By this logic, if 80% of the electorate voted for kicking the other 20% in the nuts we should be happy that democratic values are upheld. So I am inclined to believe that your and others’ problem is not that the Connecticut decision was made by 8 judges, but rather the decision itself.

I have read plenty of argumented pro gay-marriage posts in the blogospehere, but nothing similar from the opposing side. Stephen or anyone care to write one up and explain what are the benefits in this case of making other people feel miserable 🙂 ? I am truly interested in plausible arguments convincingly written up in one’s own words and not just in links to websites.

thank you

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